Frederico’s House is a planned first-of-its-kind intergenerational community resource founded in honor of Fred The Godson. A proud South Bronx native, Fred experienced poverty growing up which helped him see the future through a relatable lens. An inspirational artist, song writer and celebrity, he exemplified the South Bronx as a dedicated and positive citizen who aspired to bring his community up with him. His spirit is guiding our organization to empower the community through a cohesive effort for mutual opportunity, understanding and prosperity.

Our facility will serve the South Bronx community in honor of Fred The Godson. Frederico’s House will bring all generations together in order to foster positive youth development, community engagement and empowerment. Our center will collaborate with local community talents and employ them for building a better future.  

How our center will empower:

  • Cultivating Arts, Creativity
  • Career Development
  • Music, Travel and Culture
  • Community Events

Frederico’s House will offer a wide array of programs and activities. The primary goal will be to deliver services that are inclusive, catering to the entire community and encourage opportunity, education, creativity, and overall wellness. Our 30,000+-square foot, state-of-the-art facility will enhance the quality of life for all South Bronx residents.

Some of the planned features:

  • Athletic Center
  • Performing/Visual Arts Center
  • Recording Studio
  • Life Resource Center
  • Kitchen
  • Wellness Center
  • Child Care center
  • Financial Literacy Room

Leadership will collaborate with local businesses, non-profits, local government and private donors. Together, we will help ensure our youngest members achieve their optimal potential.